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Terms and Conditions



*Rules are in abbreviated form.  Please refer to the State of Ohio Boat Operators guide for complete rules.

  1. Boat operators must be 12 years of age or older or be in direct audible and visible of supervising adult (18 years of age or older)  The supervising adult must be onboard the boat if it is greater than 10 horsepower (see mandatory education requirements listed in rule number 1)

  2. Operating a boat carelessly, heedlessly, or without due caution, or at a rate of speed that endangers another person, boat, or property is prohibited.  This would include becoming airborne less than 100 feet behind another boat, following a skier or tuber less than 2000 feet, or weaving through congested traffic.

  3. No boat may be operated within or through a designated bathing area or in or through any area where boats are not permitted.

  4. Swimming from boats in Ohio State Parks is permitted only in posted boat swim areas.

  5. Operating a boat while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs is illegal.

  6. Sitting, standing, or walking on a moving boat is prohibited in areas not designated for that activity (i.e. foredecks, sundecks, gunnels, etc.)

  7. Children under 10 years of age must wear a personal flotation device (lifejacket) of the appropriate size when riding in a boat less than 18 feet in length.

  8. Exceeding the number of people or weight limits listed on the capacity plate is prohibited.

  9. The orange and white buoys indicate different activity zones or special areas on the lake.  Pay close attention to the buoys and what they indicate.

  10. No tubing, skiing or towed watersports are permitted on any rented watercraft.

  11. Only USCG approved floats are allowed; no pool toys, pool noodles, floats or rafts.

  12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any watercraft on Lake Logan at any time by state law. (OAC 1501:47-3-35)

  13. Rental boats may dock ONLY at Lake Logan Marina and may NOT dock anywhere else on Lake Logan.

  14. Rental boats must stay 10 yards away from, may not be tied to, carry, or be carried by any other watercraft.

  15. All passengers must stay inside the railing of the pontoon boat while the watercraft is underway.

  16. All watercraft must stay at least 100 yards away from the beach and spillway at all times.

  17. Watercraft capacities set by Lake Logan Marina will not be exceeded for any reason.

  18. Passengers may only board and dismount the watercraft at the Lake Logan Marina docks.

  19. Lifejackets are to be worn at all times on kayaks and paddleboards.

  20. Due to shallow water rental pontoons are not allowed beyond the peninsula on the west end of Lake Logan.

  21. Any watercraft returned dirty, littered or unclean will be immediately subject to a $25 cleaning fee.

  22. All reservations become null, void and remain nonrefundable at the end of the calendar year.

  23. If returned late per time stated on reservation you will be charged 2X the regular rate. 

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